“It has always been a dream to have a restaurant that could tantalize taste-buds for owners Pat and Kaysone Bourommavong. With the help of their son, Ben, and his wife, Brittany, that dream came true in 2012. THAICAFE has been a gem in Mount Airy for nearly a decade. We challenge ourselves everyday to make our customer’s day brighter with our food. With the help of our experienced chefs it is an easy task. They specialize in authentic and traditional Thai and Laos cuisine. We want to thank you for allowing our family to feed your family.”

Our Mission

To diversify your taste-buds with authentic Thai cuisine. Giving you a meal that inspires you to share with your family and friends!

Our Food

Our vegetables are cut everyday to insure freshness and our meat only comes from grade A distributors. When they are put together with Thai seasoning by our experienced chefs, you get a dish that is unimaginable unless tasted.

Our Customers

In Thailand eating is a social gathering where family and friends come together and bond. We want to treat you as we would our own family. So come share those moments with us.